Revista Universitaria Europea (a journal of applied research)


Paper publishing
Papers aproved for publishing:

Papers will be evaluated by two peers that research in similar projects. In order to be published, the papers must have two positive evaluations and fulfill the outlined conditions of the referees. 

All rejections will be based on the same rigor as the aprovements and will be communicated to the authors with the aim to feedback their projects and to contribute to their researcher training.

The rejected paper will have the posibility to undergo arbitrage process with two aditional calls if authors have advanced in the observations of the referees. Different referees will evaluate the new versions of the paper. 

Parameters for paper publishing:

The adecuation of the theme, degree of congruence, target indentification, theoretical framework, research method, advances and conclusions, scope and limitations will be evaluated.

Ethical Guidelines and Malpractice Statement 

RUE is committed to ensuring that advertising, reprint, or other commercial revenue has no impact or influence on editorial decisions. The RUE Editorial Board will assist in communications with other journals, publishers, and authors where this is useful or advisable. RUE is committed to following best practices on ethical matters, errors, and retractions, and to provide legal review if necessary.